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    Default Exterior sheathing, local Dallas area codes ?

    Hello, I put in a post in another area not sure if it was in the correct one or not. I have a question regarding exterior sheathing and it having to be structural or non structural ? I see in Chapter 6 of the IRC it says,
    R604.3 Installation.
    Wood structural panel wall sheathing shall be attached to framing in accordance with Table R602.3(1) or Table R602.3.(3). Wood structural panels marked Exposure 1 or Exterior are considered water-repellent sheathing under the code.

    But not sure if this applies to my local laws or not. I am ok with thermo ply sheathing being used under brick and stone, just curious if it is supposed to be the blue and red structural kind or if the green non structural is ok ?

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    Default Re: Exterior sheathing, local Dallas area codes ?

    Check the web site for the particular city to see the code that is in effect for the building.
    Residential or commercial?
    In most instances, two or more types of sheathing are allowed / required depending on the placement on the structure. Structural grade for corners, etc. requiring shear wall areas and non-structural in other areas.
    Consult the plans and/or the municipal inspector.

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    Default Re: Exterior sheathing, local Dallas area codes ?

    With the exception of the coastal areas, where wind requirements are elevated, whole house sheathing is not a requirement in Texas, unless the local AHJ requires it. Therefore, the Thermo Ply should be considered a "wrap" and not a part of the structure. Structural sheathing or other code described methods of bracing is required at the corners and shear walls.

    If you are in a municipality, check with the AHJ. If you are in a county, good luck.


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