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    Default 4 Season porch connection

    Split entry house, porch (14x15) is on the rear. There is a 2' cantilever with a porch connected to that. Due to the cantilever is there any issue with hanging a porch on it? I cant find any code saying otherwise. Here is a close up of the connection. Thanks for any thoughts....

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    Default Re: 4 Season porch connection

    Is there a roof on this porch? Was the porch added to an existing deck? Adding a roof changes the loading factors on the support structure. I just had a visit to a home with ongoing contractor problems. The owner was adding a deck with a 4-season room. The AHJ had previously rejected the foundation/support structure and had the contractor place 6x6 posts with 2 feet of the house and add a double 2X10 beam to support the 4-season room where it attached to the house. And the inspection for the post footer failed inspection because the holes were only about 1' deep. Needs to be 2' in this area to be below the AHJ below frost line requirements.


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