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Thread: Floor Joist?

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    Default Floor Joist?

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    Default Re: Floor Joist?

    Is this the crawl space/bottom wall area?

    Looks like it may be a spacer for something, but it appears that it may also be load bearing, for what that is worth.

    Do you have pics from a distance, in the crawl, etc.

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    Default Re: Floor Joist?

    Without being there and seeing it in person, it would be hard to say. Without being able to enter and see the under structure, I would be sure to heavily disclaim it as inaccessible.

    Let's start with untreated wood exposed to the elements (OSB, 2X4 spacer, Beam, etc.)

    Then go to the LP smart panel withouth paint on the lower edge and the fact that it wasn't even installed correctly.

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    Default Re: Floor Joist?

    Quote Originally Posted by Clay White View Post
    Anyone reason they could be allowed to be laid flat?

    To keep any critter who's head is larger than ! 1/2 inches from getting in.

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    Default Re: Floor Joist?

    Top bearing floor trusses?

    Those have a 2x4 laid flat for their top and bottom chords, with 2x4 installed vertically and diagonally between the top and bottom chords.

    How far apart are those 2x4 -close to 2' apart?

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