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    Default sill plate bolts

    Is this acceptable?


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    Default Re: sill plate bolts

    Supposed to be 1/2" bolt. Looks smaller. Photos often distort sizes.

    One washer is required. Mulitple washers are not a problem, just a waste of resources.

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    Default Re: sill plate bolts

    Makes me wonder why they needed all those washers. If the bolt was not threaded more than that then maybe it was not properly embedded. Does not look like a real anchor bolt. On the other hand, are we talking about one bolt or were many installed the same way.

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    Default Re: sill plate bolts

    Washers also look too small in diameter and too thin ... of course with that many stacked up, the thickness of a single washer may be a moot point.

    The other points raised about bolt diameter and possible lack of proper minimum embedment are quite possible too.

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