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    Default Support fo floor and questionable materials

    I was in a home today from 1950's and it appears to have had an addition at some point in time. When i entered the attic i found that the floor wasn't sitting in the joists but another joist that had been nailed to the original joist. Due to location i was only able to examine by the screen on my camera. Has anybody seen this before and thoughts?

    I included one side of joist, visible portion and joist and other side of joist. Keep in mind i could NOT view due to location only by pictures in a very small access area.


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    Default Re: Support fo floor and questionable materials

    It is hard to tell too much from the photos. The reddish looking wood looks like it may be blocking butting up against a 2x4. Could have furred down the ceiling or could have added the joist above the original 2x4 ceiling joists running perpendicular to the ceiling joists. Just wild guesses.


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