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Thread: SE needed?

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    What is supporting those steel posts? Are there footings under the slab below each post or are the loads carried only by the concrete slab? (It looks like a former concrete patio to me.)

    Did you probe the steel posts to see if the rust has damaged the structural integrity of the posts?

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    Look at the lower right photo which shows the Front Right Post with the tree in the background - see how much that bows out?

    I think the first order of business would be to have a contractor open things up ... *then* call in the SE.

    I'm guessing that the Left Rear Post goes down to a footing through the porch slab, it also looks to have been repaired once before. The rusting is breaking the concrete out around the post.

    I suspect that bulge at the top of the Front Right Post is from rust - and that much rust is not a good thing.

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