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    Default Site built beam drop at midspan

    A contractor hired to begin improvements on a recent purchase of a 45 yr old home called me after he noticed front and back walls standing 2+ inches out from vertical.
    He removed covering from the big center beam spanning 28 ft to find evidence of concealment by prior owner.
    Beam is stacked spruce 2x4 that deflects 2+ inches at center. Disguise artist wrapped bottom edge with spruce 2x that hides deflection at bottom edge.


    An engineer is supposed to be following my visit.

    Anyone see this much effort at flimflam before?

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    Default Re: Site built beam drop at midspan

    Wow!! Would like to hear more on this house.

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    Default Re: Site built beam drop at midspan

    Looks like a glulam beam without the glue! It's just a problem of shear flow. As it didn't fall down I would say your engineer could probably make it work as a beam by propping it up to take out the deflection, nailing or screwing the layers together and adding plywood on both sides.

    Thom Huggett, PE, SE, CBO


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