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    Default Basement Window Lintel required for new foundation cutting

    I have an existing basement window 26"(W) × 14"(H) with foundation cutting 29"(W) × 16"(H). I’d like to replace it with an egress window 31"(W) × 30"(H). Thus, I am planning to widen the foundation cutting to 35"(W) × 32½"(H). My building code reviewer (I am in Ontario, Canada) requires me to add two 2×10 wood as window lintel. Can someone help me on following? Thanks.
    1. if they're necessary
    2. If it’s correct to only add one 2×10 wood since there is one rim joist already existing
    3. If adding one 2×10 wood is not correct, how to add it or add two?
    Following drawing shows existing foundation cutting, joist, plate in black, planning new add-on in red for your reference

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