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    Default Basement Window Lintel required for new foundation cutting

    I have an existing basement window 26"(W) 14"(H) with foundation cutting 29"(W) 16"(H). Id like to replace it with an egress window 31"(W) 30"(H). Thus, I am planning to widen the foundation cutting to 35"(W) 32"(H). My building code reviewer (I am in Ontario, Canada) requires me to add two 210 wood as window lintel. Can someone help me on following? Thanks.
    1. if they're necessary
    2. If its correct to only add one 210 wood since there is one rim joist already existing
    3. If adding one 210 wood is not correct, how to add it or add two?
    Following drawing shows existing foundation cutting, joist, plate in black, planning new add-on in red for your reference

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