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    Default Wall stud strapping requirements

    I can't locate anything in writing regarding requirements for strapping of four or more load bearing wall studs (see photo). I picked this up somewhere but can't find my source (four or more adjoining studs need to be strapped). I think the intent of the straps (and there may be other approved methods of joining studs), is to make the studs act more like a column. Can anyone point to the source?

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    Default Re: Wall stud strapping requirements

    I have not heard of that one. It didn't come up building my house using the 2018 codes. It's so easy to nail them together I can't see why the strap would be needed.

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    Default Re: Wall stud strapping requirements

    I don't think I would spend much time thinking about that picture. Given that the studs aren't nailed together and 2 of them look like they aren't even touching the base plate, its probably someone's decision after a liquid lunch.

    I was down in the Panhandle last fall and walked a bunch of new construction houses along the coastline. You want to see strapping? It's impressive the amount of strapping, bolts and angle brackets they are using to hopefully keep the house standing when Mr. Wind shows up. Knowing what the Simpson style hardware costs, their added construction cost is probably substantial.

    If you want to look up strapping requirements maybe look up the Florida Code or email Jerry.
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