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    Default steel strut jack supports for deck?

    A two-story wooden deck that is about 8 years old has a concrete driveway underneath it. Instead of having acceptable wooden support posts supporting this deck (and the posts sunken in concrete), this deck is supported by four steel strut jacks like you would typically see to add bracing support under a house's beams. Is this anallowable standard or should it be cited as a safety concern? The deck was lag-bolted into the house and actually fit into a corner of the house.

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    Default Re: steel strut jack supports for deck?


    The key is IF the supports are rated for this type of installation and installed per manufacturers installation instructions.

    I don't know of any jack type supports that can be used as permanent deck support post.

    How are they attached to the deck and supported to the ground?

    If the only thing that keeps them upright is the weight of the deck load that can't be right.

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    Default Re: steel strut jack supports for deck?

    No temporary screw jacks' if that's what you are describing are just what they are stated as, temporary. Also any steel lallys used outdoors will rust out. Wood posts set atop footings on proper brackets to allow drainage underneath is what you want. 4x6 or 6x6 depending on load.


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