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Thread: Cracks in wall

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    Default Cracks in wall

    Just curious what you would report about a small step crack in drywall. The crack ran from one corner of the wall, across the wall to the kitchen cabinets. It was about 1/16 of an inch and had one large step. It is very difficult to recognize in the photo. Major settlement issues with the driveway slab is why I ask.

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    Default Re: Cracks in wall

    You need to look at doors, windows, trim molding, etc., just one crack does not usually mean very much, but you need to take other signs into consideration.

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    Default Re: Cracks in wall

    There was one other crack, however doors, windows were fine.

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    I agree, check all the doors and windows, open and close them.... What kind of foundation is it? Any defects, upgrades needed, etc.? You need to evaluate the totality of make a better determination.

    Also, don't forget the "soil" ....... You may want to advise your clients to get a soils report or geo-technical evaluation

    Just make sure to let your client know that you are not a structural engineer, you do not do soils evaluations, etc. Cracks happen in surfaces, and all structures have some degree of movement that causes cracks.

    Hope this helps,
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    Default Re: Cracks in wall

    Looks like a failure of the top and edge seams on a sheet of drywall. What is the cause of the circular dark spot at the corner of the crack?

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    Default Re: Cracks in wall

    Looking at Michael's enhanced photo, I was thinking that this could be an archway or doorway that was patched over and closed off. Were the same cracks present on the other side of the wall? or if it's an outside wall can you tell if the siding was patched?

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    Default Re: Cracks in wall

    My top 10 to consider:

    1) As stated, interior cracks above/ below windows and at the top corners of doors.

    2) Flooring being uneven, cracked tiles, buckled wood planks, etc...

    3) Exterior brick cracks from window corners (top/ bottom)

    4) Exterior cracks where expansion joints are or should have been.

    5) Fascia board corner trim separation

    6) Ridge board-- separation of rafters

    7) Hip jack rafters should be checked for separation

    8) Fogged windows

    9) Trees too close to the foundation-- evidence of roots causing upheaval

    10) Improper grading and drainage (all encompasing of soils, guttering, high soils, low soils, dehydrated soils, areas of ponding water, etc...)



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