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    Default wall/floor cracks

    Saw three cracks during today's inspection in a home built in 1997. One of the cracks on the south wall was patched, extended down to the slab and stopped at the north wall. The north wall had a crack approximately 1/8" wide and while it extended down to the slab it was hairline at the bottom two feet. I'm not sure why the first crack would have been patched and not the second unless the second crack happened after the fact.

    I did not observe any wall crack or doors that did not line up with the frames and these crack tested dry. I'm leaning toward the following recommendation.
    Moderate cracks (1/8 inch to 3/4 inch) and/or leaning were found in the foundation. This may be a structural concern, or an indication that settlement is ongoing. The client should consider hiring qualified contractors and/or engineers as necessary for further evaluation. Such contractors may include:

    Foundation repair contractors who may prescribe repairs, and will give cost estimates for prescribed repairs
    Masonry contractors who repair and/or replace brick veneer
    Geotechnical engineers who attempt to determine if settlement is ongoing, and what the cause of the settlement is
    Structural engineers who determine if repairs are necessary, and prescribe those repairs

    At a minimum, recommend sealing cracks to prevent water infiltration. Numerous products exist to seal such cracks including hydraulic cement, resilient caulks and epoxy sealants.

    I'm curious as to what some of you would recommend concerning this defect.

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    Default Re: wall/floor cracks

    Let me see if I understand what you have: You have a crack on the South end of the home and then you have a corresponding crack on the North end of the as well?

    Normally if you find a crack on opposing ends or sides of a home, the foundation had failed. It could be from heaving of the soil or displacement of the soil. Either way it is not normal.

    I would not recommend or specify any repairs.

    I would simply defer to an SE due to the conditions found. In my wording I would say something along the lines like this "Due to the wall and foundation cracks that I found, a structural engineer who specializes in residential foundations should take a look at the structure. If any repairs are deemed necessary the SE will be able to design those repairs."

    Scott Patterson, ACI
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    Default Re: wall/floor cracks


    The information I posted was pasted from my report boiler plate and contained some information that did not pertain to the defect such a mention of brick, leaning etc.

    I plan to recommend further evaluation by an individual who specializes in foundation repairs.


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