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    Default screwy stem wall

    Something obviously went wrong during construction, and the structure didn't fit over the stem wall as designed. The siding rests on the stem wall instead of overlapping it. There is also an area on the left side of the house where a lower portion of skirting and framing is way out of plumb. One corner of the stem wall is not level, and has been patched. This house was built in 2002. Any thoughts???

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    Default Re: screwy stem wall

    You mean comments other than pointing out the obvious poor workmanship in general?


    1. I can't tell what is going on in photo #1 with the stair-stepped foundation. Certainly doesn't appear as though it was designed that way, however.
    2. Photo # 2 shows rot-damaged siding...and more importantly, what appears to be a cold joint in the foundation. And what's with the vent which allows water to penetrate exposed edges of the siding?
    3. ANY horizontal (or nearly so) exposed foundation edges are water traps and will lead to deterioration of the framing members. Admittedly, in photo # 3, the wall is out of plumb. There would be less exposed horizontal foundation "ledge" if the wall was plumb.

    All in all, it looks like very haphazard work. Putting it nicely, I would suspect that the rest of the house is similarly questionable. Better look at it VERY closely...

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    Default Re: screwy stem wall

    HeyMoe, what could be so hard about pouring a foundation? NUKNUKNUK

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    Default Re: screwy stem wall

    On my new construction projects I frequently see situations where the foundation design and the building design don't fit each other. They are designed by different people using different software and nobody compares them. When this happens, framers get very creative to make the compensation. This appears to be what happened here. If that is the case, the slab contractor did his job . . . the general contractor screwed up.

    Darrel Hood

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    Default Re: screwy stem wall

    We used to call that a "twelve-pack pour."

    Jerry McCarthy
    Building Code/ Construction Consultant


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