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    Default IRC on pier and beam foundations

    Does anyone know what section of the IRC deals with pier and beam foundations w/ wood piers? Around here we have alot of "stilt homes" that may have 12' - 15' piers. I can't find any part of the IRC that deals with this. What I'm looking for is attachment methods for the beams to the piers. This one is heading for court so i want all of my T's crossed and my i's dotted. Thanks!

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    Default Re: IRC on pier and beam foundations

    Stanley, you've been hanging long enough that I thought I might be able to help. Don't know if I have all the answers but might send you in the right direction by accident. If nothing else, it will draw out the "I told you so's".

    First you are talking about "piles" as piers are only 12 times in height to there widest width. The codes that you are looking for are probably under "Heavy timber construction", at least that is where it used to be in the NC Building Code. 2304.10.

    You should find most of what you are looking for under deck construction as the connections are the same. If it is coastal construction there may be additional local code requirements.

    Hope this helps.

    Just found this: NC Residental, Chapter 45- Coastal and Flood Plain Construction Standards.

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    Default Re: IRC on pier and beam foundations

    Read all of R324.

    You will want this: Home Builders Guide To Coastal Construction Fact Sheets (FEMA 499)

    And this: FEMA: Coastal Construction Manual

    And this: FEMA: Home Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction Technical Fact Sheet Series (FEMA P-499)

    And go here and get what you can:

    This one is heading for court ...
    You should already be familiar with those before you get this far if you are going to be heading for court ... may be too late to try to go back and dot your I's and cross your T's ... just thinking out loud here ...

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    Default Re: IRC on pier and beam foundations

    Also look at "Building Code For Windstorm Resistant Construction" from the Texas Department Of Insurance. This is commonly known as the "Windstorm Codes".


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