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    Default Californai 1980's seismic retrofit

    Here's one for the code masters...My client is challenging the sellers claim that seismic retrofitting of the single level 1930's California home was not required in 1980 when two additional floors were added. The original raised foundation, sill plate and floor joists remain and carry the load of the floor additions. Newer footings (with anchors) were installed at some central areas of the crawl space. Although I have the codes..I do not have a resource for code history regarding the specific 1980 requirements.

    It will be appreciated if I had a taker on this...thanks.

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    Default Re: Californai 1980's seismic retrofit

    Standard questions:
    Was the addition done with permit?
    If so; does the permit show progress inspections and final sign-off by the local AHJ?

    Most city building departments keep a record of older permits on micro film and somebody should do a permit search.
    However, permits do not always confirm that remodeling, modifications and additions are always done to code.
    Your case sounds like it would have required an engineer's wet stamp.........?

    It's a nice gesture to help one's client out when you can, but be careful as you may be pulled into future litigation between the buyer and seller and waste a great deal of your time.
    Let the games begin.

    Jerry McCarthy
    Building Code/ Construction Consultant

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    Default Re: California 1980's seismic retrofit


    Thanks for the prompt response! A new development discovered by the agent is that only a single permit is on record for the huge 1980 remodel...and it's not signed-off. That's an issue.

    Thanks again!



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