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    Default Metal under weep screed

    I saw this at a house I did tues. 7000 sq. The entire footing was covered with a sheet metal flashing? Anyone ever see this before?

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    Default Re: Metal under weep screed

    Seen used a termite barrier/shield on top of foundation wall.
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    Default Re: Metal under weep screed

    Maybe your situation, or not but.....

    I had a remodeler stop the siding short from the top of the foundation, thus, installed the flashing underneath the siding to overlap on top of the foundation to prevent water intrusion. The foundation was actually a porch slab that was 3 to 4" in depth and they had constructed a living space area on the old porch slab.

    I was able to put my hand underneath the flashing and could feel the should certainly make healthy mention of this situation in your report.


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    Default Re: Metal under weep screed

    I typically see that kind of weep screed installed where there is concrete up against the house.

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    Default Re: Metal under weep screed

    Yeah I've seen it, at my garage apartment behind my house!

    It was like that when I bought my house. Previous owner said it was to help prevent moisture penetration into the apartment because of the low slab of the structure (used to be a carport). The problem is, when the ground water rises or rain run off gets high, the water will also rise up behind the flashing as well as on the exterior of the flashing, so it is worthless. To boot, my termite inspetctor said all they did was baisally create a conducive condition for termites around the entire perimeter since the sub-t termites can come up between the flashing and slab. I would definitely list it as a concern.


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