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    Default Fungal growth in/on soil in sub-area


    Found these growths in a sub-area recently that covered an area aprox 80-100 sq feet (not solidly); soil was damp but not wet; no visible plumbing leaks; very level home with no signs of uneven settlement.
    The growths were partially bulbous but mostly resembled the type of flat growths you've seen on rotting tree stumps except these were reddish in color.
    Oddly, I was under the house next door last year taking pictures of a large area of subsidence that was causing very severe settlement to the center of the home. That home is still empty and now has a number of attorneys firmly attached.
    Both homes built 1940's to 50's.
    Think the two are related?
    No one, including the city engineer has come up with an explanation for the settling house; no city sewer trunk or canal pipe in that area to collapse (according to their records).


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