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    Default Knowing more about epoxy and polyurethane

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone had a book or web site to recommend. I am looking to understand more about when to use epoxy or polyurethane on a foundation crack. I know that epoxy is used when a structural problem is present and to stop water infiltration while polyurethane is used when the crack is not active and to stop water infiltration.

    I need more info on how to know when to use epoxy or polyurethane? How to determine if a crack is a structural problem (then use epoxy) or not active (then use polyurethane).

    Any website? Book? Article?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Knowing more about epoxy and polyurethane

    Eli; while I know epoxy is used, I have seen it done, my instinct or "native engineering sense" tells me it really doesn't do much to solve a structural crack problem.

    I would have to do some research and make a few phone calls to the foundation guys that I know to confirm this but I think the epoxy is probably stronger than the concrete. Any problems or cracking would just move to another location that was weaker. Anytime I've seen epoxy used it was always accompanied by additional steel strapping for a couple feet on either side of the crack to spread the load. Sans any strapping, the epoxy only serves to seal the crack from water intrusion which makes it pretty expensive water sealing.

    Obviously, the cause of the cracking must be dealt with or one is wasting one's time.

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    Default Re: Knowing more about epoxy and polyurethane

    Quote Originally Posted by Eli Smith View Post
    Any website? Book? Article?
    Please see these articles on websites:
    for crack repair information: Renovating Your Basement — Structural Issues and Soil Conditions | CMHC
    for crack injection steps: Crack Injection - Basement Technologies
    for comparison of Epoxies vs. Polyurethanes: Crack Injection: Epoxies Versus Polyurethanes - The Concrete Network


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