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    Default Foundation Cracks and Slopped Concrete floor

    Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to buy this house that appears to have some foundation issues. I've loaded some photos for you to see. The house is a semi-detached built in 1930. The cracked wall shown on the photos is the shared wall. There are large step & horizontal cracks. The issues appeared to be continuing since old cracks have been fixed and new cracks emerged. The wall doesn't appear bowing. The concrete floor however is also cracked and slopped/sagged significantly towards this wall. No evidence of water leakage. The opposite wall showing signs of normal settlements on the exterior brick with many small stepping cracks.
    I was told by an architect that this is normal in old houses. I haven't consult with a structural engineer yet. I plan to redo the floor and fix the cracks without concerning about the underpinning. Please advise if this is something of a concern that I should get a structural engineer involved? Thank you so much for your help. Greeting from Toronto.

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    Default Re: Foundation Cracks and Slopped Concrete floor

    your pics are crap. Give us some wide angle shots so we can see whats up.
    From what i can see, may be uplift
    Are you in an area that freezes?
    post some GOOD pics please


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