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    Default Modular tie-downs or foundation anchors

    Inspected a 1995 modular home today, manufactured by R_Anell Homes NC. The home is built on conventional framed wood with OSB sub-floor (not on steel I-Beams). The under side of the home is covered with insulation and vapor barrier as seen on double wides built on steel I-beams, what I have known as "belly pan". There are two rows of dry-stacked CMU piers supporting the center of the home with brick and CMU perimeter foundation walls, some of which is pier and curtain design. There are no anchor straps in the crawlspace and no visible anchors in the sill plate. The belly pan vapor barrier appears to be trapped between the rim joist and the sill plate at the perimeter foundation walls, with no visible repairs in the vapor barrier where anchors could have been installed and then covered.

    My questions: have I missed something, or has it just been set on the foundation without any type of anchor system? Was it required to be anchored in 1995?

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