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    Default Builder is the AHJ

    So, the builder is the mayor of a tiny (pop 454) town that opted out of adopting building codes and is technically the AHJ. The buyer is related by marriage and feels a little uncomfortable by the lack of inspections, but doesn't want to start a family feud unless he has to. Do you hear the banjos playing yet?

    Anyway, I told my client that it is too late for construction progress/code inspections for most things, but I'll see what I can see. He just wants someone (anyone!) to give him some level of comfort.

    Fortunately, things aren't too bad overall, but the geotechnical aspects (footing, foundation, and drainage) have issues:

    1. Full height CMU foundation wall on continuous spread footing that has no interior slab, backfill, or other lateral bracing at the footing (moisture build-up from not-yet-installed gutters; soils are typically non-expansive);

    2. 12" sonotube pier footings about 12" thick set on top of gravel, also no lateral containment (plus not secured at top or bottom).

    I'll be commenting on these and other issues, but I'd like to hear peoples' take on the severity of these items.


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    Default Re: Builder is the AHJ

    all three are wrong here. top of footing needs to be flush or below grade under the building. interior footings a minimum of 6" below ground.

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    Default Re: Builder is the AHJ

    Do you hear the banjos playing yet

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    Default Re: Builder is the AHJ

    Probably the only good news you had for the buyer was there's a good chance the groundwater infiltrating the block walls could be relatively clean, at least for now.


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