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    Default mass in crawlspace

    I know this is kind of odd to ask but are these roots or cousin IT's long lost son??? the mass was localized to just this spot. It is under a past leaking toilet. I wasn't able to come up with a tree in the close proximity to create this. I believe it to be roots but want verification.


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    Default Re: mass in crawlspace

    I believe you will find a root if you dig around,
    Roots can and do travel long distances to find water and nutrients.
    Also remember, the roots will most likely invade the sewer pipes.
    You may want to scope the drain lines.

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    Default Re: mass in crawlspace

    Since it is under a leaking toilet, I suspect heavy fungal activity in the soil there.

    One more thought, if you have bentonite, there might be some under that area. The constant dripping might swell the clay into that cone shape.

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