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    Default Exposed Raw OSB in Brand New roof-Inspection Failed

    A new composition shingle roof was installed (re-roof job). This was discovered when the building inspector looked under the eaves during final inspection, after the roofer had completed the roofing job and was gone. A visible 2 to 4 inch strip of raw exposed OSB sheathing is visible and runs along the entire length of house front and back under the eaves. Before the new roof was installed, the undereave area was a solidly built high quality 2 x 6 tongue and groove condition. As a result, the brand new roof failed to get a final building inspection pass because raw exposed OSB is never meant to be part of a roof assembly or installation. The roofer states it is "no problem" and "No Worries." He said it is fine as is. However, the fact is manufacturer Norbord states that Trubord is not designed to be a raw exposed part of any roof system and all my research states that OSB Exposure 1 is never intended to be continually and permanently exposed to the elements and moisture, etc. What should the inspector request now to fix the root cause of the roofer's workmanship error? Tear off roof and OSB sheathing and install OSB sheathing again correctly? Have a contractor do something with wood to close the 2 to 4 inch strip of OSB exposed among the entire under eaves? Roofer wants to slap a coat of paint on it but this is a temporary, substandard solution to a serious permanent problem and not up to par. Feel sorry for homeowner. Inspectors know that the OSB will get wet/moist, warp, disintegrate, telegraph to shingles, get moldy/fungal, and be termite food, etc., so this roof installation mistake needs to be fixed. What is the best long-term permanent fix/repair? Paint merely is a temporary stop-gap that will need constant attention, so not a good solution. Thanks for your advice.

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    Default Re: Exposed Raw OSB in Brand New roof-Inspection Failed

    Problem for roofer: 8 nches of roof decking along eaves was found to be rotted out after roof tear off ... what to do?

    Cut strip of board or structural panel sheathing, thickness to match existing roof sheathing, as replacement.

    Roofer discovered the problem after his guys had the roof dried in ... tells his guys to cut it back and replace rotted sheathing ... his guys did jjust that.

    New problem #1: Roofer didn't tell his guys to slip in another piece of felt where they cut the other felt out.

    New problem #2: Minimum rip width of a structural panel is 24 inches (to maintain structural panel rating).

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