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    I was recently asked about the maximum height for a 16in.x16in. masonry support? It is not a normal part of my inspections but I was told I could find the information in the 2006 IRC. Can anyone help with this code?

    Secondly, I wanted to know if anyone is doing Risk Assessment? I was presented with the offer recently here in Atlanta?

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    I don't have IRC 2006 Maybe this will help.

    You'll need to match material and exposure in the attachment.

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    Dbl block piers 80" high, over 80" should be filled with concrete & rebar.

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    There is a big difference in capacity between masonry walls and masonry columns. You shouldn't use wall guidelines; the wall capacities assume there is distribution along the length of the wall; isolated columns can not distribute or share load like a wall.

    The 80" height is based on the definition of a "pier" as being 5 times the length of the pier (16" x 5= 80"). However, it really depends on the load applied. If the pier is in a residence, typically light framed timber construction, a 16" x 16" x 6'-8" pier is most likely capable of carrying residential loads.

    If its a foundation for any other use, the structural engineer should refer to ACI 530 part 3.2 for unreinforced masonry allowable compression loads.


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