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    Default never seen one of these

    This is one I have never seen before. I am in northern NY, this house is about 10 years old. Wondered what y'all think. I have no idea what is under the stucko at the exterior, but it is very hard when you kick it. It is bolted together at the corners.

    Appreciate any imput,


    Ok, so it looks good according to the information on web for Superior Walls.

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    Default Re: never seen one of these

    It is a Superior Wall precast concrete foundation. I have seen a handful of them. Have not seen any major concerns.

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    Default Re: never seen one of these

    I see about 4 a year. The most common mistake is when the foundation wall runs parallel with the joists.
    Attached is a section of the installation guide that shows what is required.

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    Default Re: never seen one of these

    Superior Walls is one of the best precast foundation systems I've worked with. Comes insulated, furred, and drilled (for electric) from the factory. The nice thing is that no footings are required. The walls sit on compacted gravel over undisturbed soil and you can pretty much have a foundation that's ready for framing in a day. Have never seen one of these systems leak if installed properly.

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