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    Default Random Hole In Basement Floor - Please Help Identify

    Hello - my wife and I just purchased an older house and while cleaning out the basement of old furniture came across a hole in the basement floor.

    We believe a french drainage system was installed during construction in the mid 1940s. The house is on a hill with a decent slope down. There are 2 channels that lead to the pit/well and 2 pipes. One pipe runs under the concrete basement floor to the pit, the other pit runs from the outside of the house into the pit (which brings mud/silt into the pit).

    After researching a bit we were convinced it was a gravity sump pit or gravity sump well (since the house is on a hill). We also have a gravity fed septic system which is why we're drawing that conclusion.

    As i mentioned, the hole was 1/2 filled with mud/silt so this evening I decided to dig it out in the hope of finding drain to confirm... nothing. It's brick on all sides inside the whole.

    There's no water in the pit/well and we had a week of non-stop heavy rains... there are signs of past water however.

    Can anyone tell us what this thing is and what its supposed to do? Any assistance would be appreciated.

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