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    This A/C unit had no Spec. Plate or any info at all.
    Also this same home had a Lennox furnace w/model number
    E11Q4-751-3P. Any Ideals?
    Sorry for the pdf file. It would not let me upload images.


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    Kendal, I don't know what "Ideals" you are asking for, but my idea is that it is an old unit that needs to be replaced in the near future. Beyond that anything is a guess.

    Jim Luttrall
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    Dang, sure is one steep hillside there.

    Look at all the corrosion on the coil heat transfer fins, that ain't no good.

    Looks like a perfect candidate for the Smithsonian, or at least replacement with a non-antiquity. That may be required to be returned to Egypt if it turns out to be looted artifacts.

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