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    Default Re: OJ's Gets 15 to life

    I'm somewhat surprised, and more than a little relieved, that there is not another woman lying on an autopsy table somewhere as a result of this guy's temper and his contempt for everyone else.

    He had it all...except for empathy and the self-control not to let that deficit ruin his life.

    Michael Thomas
    Paragon Property Services Inc., Chicago IL

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    Default Re: OJ's Gets 15 to life

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Bibler View Post
    OJ's Get 15 to life 12' X 12' with BUBA and Company.


    Now what was that saying? If the glove don't fit you must acquit! Or was it If you do the crime you must do the time!!!

    Also puts a new meaning to What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN


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