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    It's called UAC (User Account Control) and it is supposed to be a security measure. It IS very annoying! it can be turned off in settings in the control panel. I have done so with no problems. I'm pretty computer literate and have lots of other protection in place so it is not needed. Just go into the Control Panel and type UAC into the search box. and uncheck the service.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Wand View Post
    Okay, just bought a HP Touchsmart TX2 with Vista Home Premium software, and I am not amused. Formerly on Windows XP.

    Have loaded Adobe Acrobat Vers. 8 and it will not respond, have tried updates from Adobe, and uninstalled and reinstalled three times now and not much luck.

    What is with the window that opens every time you start a program or download a program, its really annoying asking me I trust the program? Even Microsoft programs bring the annoying window up.

    Having been an avid Mac user from their inception, I am seriously thinking of taking this Touchsmart back to the store and asking for a refund and purchasing another Mac which is ever more stable and not prone to virus and malware as Microsoft is.

    I really don't understand how Microsoft gets away with their crap products because thats what they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A.D. Miller View Post
    RW: Typical religious hogwash: It's rather amusing to read the feedback by those who haven't even tried Jesus (Allah, Buddha, et al.) compared to thinking.

    You're a convert of the naive and gullible variety. We get it.
    I will throw my 2 cents in.

    If it was not for Apple I CANNOT IMAGE how bad Windows (actually it wouldn't be called would be called DOS 2009) would be. If it wasn't for the Apple Evangelists and all the Apple fans it wouldn't be around and I am SURE all of us "I am a PC" users would be MUCH worse off today.

    I remember when Windows first came out sitting on a plane and listening to someone praise how great the interface was and how revolutionary it was....and I was thinking "how ignorant can a person be" that has never seen or touched a Mac before. The BIGGEST mistake Apple did was they were too greedy and would not license their software what a different computer world it would be if they had not been greedy back then.

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    I will throw my 2 cents in.
    JK: I'm still waiting on the other cent's worth.

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    A friend has a Mac laptop.

    I won't get into details cause it aint worth it.

    I say to him...Show me the difference.


    For almost all typical computer operators out there just going about daily business I do not see what the fuss is all about.

    As far as receiving or sending email....HUH

    What is that all about. I sent a file to myself and his computer.

    Opening the file up....and...about zero difference.

    Opening up and using particular types of software....Please tell me. If you are seeing some kind of difference out there for everyday computer use and not just some specialty software.........Not worth the money or the headache with trying to get all the software you could want with windows compared to mac.

    As someone said above....I am not amused

    Open the computer. Turn it on. Open your software. Use it.................Still waiting.....No majic here

    As you said...I am not amused. Internet. Software. Mail.

    Still waiting....still not amused. Not worth the maoney or agrivation.

    As far as Nortan 360 for security. Never a problem. Blocks stuff all the time. Alerts you all the time. Automatically deletes crap all the time. Have people had problems with any computer or any software or any operating system...Oh yeah, absolutely.

    Is mac anything to brag about or hold on high about anything other than it has a differnt name and different price, nope, for you typical computer user getting all stiff with excitement about....Not.

    Does Microsoft have an have had problems...yep. Do they always find a fix for it...yep. You want to throw excitement this way talk about something out of this world different and worth talking about.

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    You haven't used a Mac, so what do you base your opinions on other than ignorance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Wand View Post

    You haven't used a Mac, so what do you base your opinions on other than ignorance?
    RW: I cannot speak for Ted, but I have used a couple of Macs on loan from friends for test drives. They do some cute things that I would never find a use for, otherwise Ted's commentary is about right.

    So then, RW, prostrate yourself toward the southwest and begin your Apple mantra. Just do it quietly so as not to disturb the rest of us who are working on our PCs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Wand View Post

    You haven't used a Mac, so what do you base your opinions on other than ignorance?

    Just simply sat with him for about an Hour and pulled up the internet, PDF software, email, his open office , my word, etc etc. Sent files back and forth and opened them. Compressed other files and sent them.

    I think kind of explained all that already.

    Using the Mac was no difference than anyone operating your typical software on any computer.

    Like I say that I stole from you...I was not amused. I was expecting lights to be flashing and the choir singing as I was using the Mac


    Was it interesting using something different...Yep. Always is.

    Did it have the appearance to do anything better, quicker, etc. Did it appear to make things seem more professional. Were any programs on either laptop hanging up, running slow, not responding, quicker on the internet, opening, creating, sending email slower faster , download quicker, handle files better.....Not in the slightest.

    Like I said. In everyday normal operation I did not see one bit of difference.

    Like I said. If there is some specialty software for a particular computer that might run better or be of easier use......I am sure there is.

    Your typical shmo opening up either computer and operating it for typicical daily use.

    I just di not see or here anything that would have pulled me in either direction.

    Not knocking your Mac. Just doing what you said. Operated each laptop as I would in any typical daily use. It did not excite me. Or as you say. I was not amused.

    I was really expecting to be saying. Wow man...far out....gotta get me one.

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    macs sometimes are just a pos like any other computer, imho babysitter has one and she asks me for help sometimes...I never saw her doing such a great stuff on her photoshop that I can't do on my wife's windows computer with photoshop. Do whatever rocks your boat, this is not a a democracy...I like it better than the OS you use? not at for me since I don't like piracy and enjoy the freedom motto..

    Yelling very loud: does anyone want a beer???

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