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Thread: Gotta Have Tool

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    Steve U,
    I use WD40. Now I'll have to see which is cheaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philippe Heller View Post
    So Jerry, since you are such an authority, please share how you inspect panels so that the rest of us can do it safely? After all, that is the reason for this message board.

    I suspect a lot like YOU do.

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    A few tools that I use and come in very handy during an inspection;

    For checking, probing, tracking wiring in an electric panel:
    *A large plastic knitting needle (no metal head). Itís non-conductive, non-corrosive, Great tool for checking connections and can be used as a pointer when showing clients whatís going on.

    For checking, probing and lifting float switches in sump pits, inspecting open sewage pipes etc:
    *An old Fiberglass Bow (as in bow & arrow). Itís non-conductive, non-corrosive, easy to wipe clean and spray with Lysol or anti-bacterial Great tool for checking float switches.

    Also a very handy tool to take into crawl spaces to: clear a path through cob webs, probe dead rats, check the depth of standing water, probe junction boxes etc.
    *An old Fiberglass Bow that has been shortened (as in bow & arrow). Itís non-conductive, non-corrosive, easy to wipe clean

    For testing water dispensers on refrigerator doors:
    *A collapsible plastic cup

    For easy access to lots of small stuff:
    *An extended length, multi pocket, canvas hunting vest. Beats walking around with a tool bag. Keeps the clients wondering what else is in those pockets. Extra screws for electric panels, probes, gas valve key, absorbent sham wow, testers etc.

    Always have !!
    **A bunch of business cards-enough to give a few to everyone at the inspection while telling them that referrals are 90% of my business.

    **Name Badge

    **Slippers with rubber soles Ė I hate blue booties

    **A clip board w/ pages so clients can keep their own notes as an adjunct to my report.

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