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    Default For Sale: FLIR T-360 Thermal Imaging Camera

    I have a FLIR T-360 that I am selling. It is in like new condition and was used only 3 times. This camera was purchased by my ex and its purpose was for home inspections. Well, they don't let you take them to prison! (DUI and Domestic Violence) So, this was one of my parting gifts.
    I have done my research and gotten myself familiar with the camera. Includes, Memory Card, CD, USB Cord, Battery, and Camera. There is only one thing that is missing, the Charger which is, approx. $189. The Charger would be included as well but, due to my son not following directions it is now MIA.
    My asking price is only $6000.
    If you are interested you may email me at,

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    Default Re: For Sale: FLIR T-360 Thermal Imaging Camera

    That's a great price Jill. You may want to post this ad over on a thermal imaging forum. It will sell faster:
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