I have been using the Xtend and Climb for many years. There 12.5 ft model is by far the lightest you can get away with. I am currently using the 15.5 ft professional model that weighs about 45lbs. These are much-much safer than the Telesteps. You can read about them here https://www.homeinspector.org/Newsro.../14686/Article

I agree with Jerry on the safety of these ladders if casually used. Yes, you can raise them without locking sections and yes, they will bite you if your hands are in the wrong position when lowering them. However in 13 years of everyday use I have yet to had one collapse on me and as long as I am paying attention, I don't get my hands bit. (you immediately know when you make that mistake).

I rarely find situations where the xTend and Climb doesn't work so I quit carrying the Little Giant. Now if the roof is to tall I break out the drone. Much safer!


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