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    While sitting here watching it snow, again, I read that Mozilla (Firefox) 3.0 is ready for prime time which I took to mean ready for release so I went looking for the new download, I didn't find it but I found an article on Apple's Safari 3.1 Browser for Windows/Vista so I downloaded it.

    It does appear to be a lot faster than Firefox and MS "LookOut", it looks somewhat different than the other two and will take a little getting used to, but it's worth looking at, at least until Firefox 3, which is supposed to be just as fast or faster, is released.

    I'm really, really tired of Snow, but it beats the flooding and weather those in the middle America are suffering through. I hope everyone in those areas make it through alright, even "Harvey".

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    Default Re: Safari 3.1

    Lewis - I read about Firefox as well, and downloaded 3.0b4. It's working fine.

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    Just been checking out Safari as well. Seems OK. I don't know if it will take over as my default, though. My wife uses FF and loves it. Different strokes, I guess.


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