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    Default Radon Testing Equipment

    I have been discussing with another HI friend of mine in reguards to the purchasing of a Radon measuring device. I have been using the Radon canisters and mailing them in to the lab for work up. I have been very pleased with this process so far and my cost's are what I would call fair including the overnight mailing.
    My freinds point is that the machine will cost him around $700 and each year after that aprox. $100 for calubration of the unit.
    My concern is that if I use the machine and report the levels of radon am I liable for any miss readings.
    My questions are is anyone else using the machines and will it be any better than having a registered lab certify the results with the cans.

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    Default Re: Radon Testing Equipment

    I think you are providing a better and more accurate service if you do it yourself. The electret cannisters, if that's what you are thinking of using are easily screwed up by dropping which happens how many times a day if you mail them out? Lots.
    Also, I find generally a loss of 1 point per day just sitting in a drawer, so if you leave them in your car for a few days your customer may be getting a poor test.
    I read the cannisters before every test and after I pick them up.
    Brokers love the fast service and I love making sure my client has the most accurate test possible.
    WIN WIN WIN. The third wins for the 125.00 per test

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    Default Re: Radon Testing Equipment

    Get training and certification. I'm certified through NEHA.

    Look at CRM's. I use Sun Nuclear 1027 machines. Easy to use and reliable. You print the results either from your computer or you can buy the portable printer for the machines. Most folks print with their own computer and printer.

    You should not be doing radon testing without the proper training and certifications. Many states require you to hold a certification or license.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Default Re: Radon Testing Equipment

    Radalink offers CRM's under a lease option where the results are uploaded to them via telephone line and they do the analysis for you, providing you with the complete report. Probably a good option if your demand is high.

    Education, Training, Certification should be a top priority before entering the industry.

    We Inspect It, LLC
    Fredercksburg, VA


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