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    Default Ultra-mini laptops

    Is anyone using one?

    I'm looking at one with an 8.9" screen that looks pretty nice. The keyboard is 92% of a full-size one. The specs are not great but plenty to run word and whatever inspection softward you have.

    The prices really coming down and are very reasonable. You can pick up a decent one for around $500.

    I have a larger laptop and find I just don't bring it or use it between jobs because it's just too large.

    I haven't actually seen one of the minis in person and will before buying one. I'm just curious if any of you have one.

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    Default Re: Ultra-mini laptops


    My son has a small computer that is about the size of a regular lap-top.

    The thing is so small though that I can't use the keyboard because of the smaller keys. The screen is difficult to read. I'd be completely blind in a year if I had to rely on it all the time.

    What I've been looking into is one of the Panasonic Toughbooks. The one with the touch screen that has the reversible screen that makes into a notepad is awesome, but comes at a price of around 3400.+ just for a basic model.

    I've seen one of the city inspectors using one and it looked nice. It had a very small printer attachment for it that they printed out the inspection "failed" comments on. It was about the size of a small portable credit card terminal.


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    Default Re: Ultra-mini laptops

    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Fellman View Post
    I'm looking at one with an 8.9" screen that looks pretty nice. The keyboard is 92% of a full-size one.
    Sounds like it is only slightly larger than my old Compaq Aero 425 notebook computer from 15 years ago.

    The only thing wrong with the Compaq Aero 425 was ... 87 MB hard drive and that it was only 25 MHz speed.

    I was waiting for them to package new technology in that old size (not that I need it now). Easy to carry, easy to use, and easy to read (you can enlarge the font, which, of course, would mean less on the screen and more scrolling, still better than trying to read a PDA - MUCH BETTER than that).

    With modern technology hard drive sizes, speed, etc., I'd recommend checking it out in person.

    Most computer inspection programs are point and click with customized comments (you customize them - I wrote my own program back then) which reduces typing, however, the keys and keyboard were large enough to allow my big fingers to type on it for a year or two before I went with a larger and faster one with a larger hard drive. Now I have a 17" monster notebook, which is really a bit too large to carry around (but I don't carry it around anymore either, I do 'bring it with me' but don't have to lug it around inspections).

    Jerry Peck
    Construction Litigation Consultant - Retired


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