Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been asked to conduct a 2 1/2 hour presentation on Infrared Inspection of Structures at the annual Oklahoma Home Inspectors Association Conference in November. Obviously, they want the presentation to concentrate on residential versus commercial or industrial structures, however, I will include information on all structural areas.

My infrared work experience has primarily been in electrical and mechanical equipment in hospitals and commercial buildings, although I have conducted some moisture and air leakage surveys on these types of strutures.

Due to a lack of residential building IR images in my personal library, I am asking my fellow Inspectionnews members for IR images that have a good story. I have enough other technical information to start my powerpoint presentation. If you have any IR and corresponding visual images that show such an anomoly please consider forwarding them to me. They can range from the humorous to the catastrophic. I just want to express to the audience the types of situations that can be found with IR.

I do not plan to use this information in any advertising or sales brochures. I have already made my own advertising documents.

Furthermore, I do not want to upset any members, especially those that do not promote IR at this time. I am not willing to engage in discussions on positive or negative experiences or thoughts, that is not my purpose or expertise. I will not comment on legal issues. I have read the many posts that discuss member's pros and cons on infrared.

I have reviewed my request with Brian Hannigan and he supported my request to post this in the Tools site.

Any assistance is appreciated. You may forward any images, preferably jpeg, to my email address.


Bill Galbraith

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