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    Default Hang up that phone!!!

    Agent calls me up. and gets my V-Mail. Hi Ron how are ya... Ron I see your reports all over town. your one busy Inspector. Say Ron if you hear of any one looking for a home please send them my way.......OK. Thanks Ron. By......... He Thinks he has hung up the phone. Ag. in the back ground. Ok Who's next Who is on my phone list... lets see.. who do we have.... Mary! Mary!! Mary!!! Now Who the (H*^&#37 is Mary. where did I get her phone # ? I hate doing these calls. This is such a drag......

    Then the phone hangs up.........................

    I just about die over this call. What a wack job.

    Do think i should play this for him some time?



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    Default Re: Hang up that phone!!!

    I would call after hours and leave it on his voice mail. Then call him in the morning and ask him why he is such a dunce

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    Default Re: Hang up that phone!!!

    Yeah, im probably not gonna recommend this agent to anyone.


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