Does anyone know of a software package (3D, InspectVue, HG) that has an existing form/Library already set up to report on FHA Required Items to present to the lender. I have two clients/Lenders that I perform Home Inspections for on 90 Day flip properties. I noticed the orders started slowing down so I called them, one was honest with me and said they found another Inspector that was much cheeped than I and they could do 5 or 6 inspections in one day. Holly crap I said, no way anyone could do 5 or 6 Home Inspections in one day. I was told that the other Inspectors reports were simple and much shorter that mine. They sent me a copy of the competitions report and yes the other Inspector report was shorter, two pages (One sided). No way even close to meeting State requirements Example of text - Kitchen is in acceptable condition and meets FHA minimum standards, 3 Tab shingle roof is in acceptable condition and meets FHA minimum standards, Bathrooms are in acceptable condition and meets FHA minimum standards and so on. Turns out the other inspector is not a State certified Home Inspector and does not have to meet the state minimum standards for a Home Inspection. I’m listed on the FHA roster and I’m wanting to offer the same type of Inspection. Yes I know that a FHA Inspection is the same as a Home Inspection but my state said that the FHA 90 day flip Inspection is different than a Home Inspection and has to meet FHA requirements. I am currently a R4 user, if anyone can help that would be great!

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