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    Default 203K Consultant Certification

    Fifty years ago, when the 203k loan was created, home inspections did not exist. FHA did not have a specific methodology for determining an applicant was qualified to become a certified 203k consultant--so they used the one established for becoming an appraiser. For that reason, and also because they were the ones who knew about the program, almost all the people who became certified as 203K consultants came from the roles of existing FHA appraisers.

    This was OK at the beginning. Now, the home inspection industry has generated professionals who possess the knowledge of residential building construction, while also having the advantage of being better positioned in the real estate process to help borrowers take advantage of benefits available to them through the 203K process. Residential building contractors, engineers and architects, to name the most obvious, all possess many of the necessary qualifications FHA recognizes as prerequisites for certification. There have also been former fire-fighters and teachers who are now great 203K consultants.

    The first step in assessing your qualifications to become a 203K Consultant is to create a resume of all your relevant experiences and work history. FHA is typically looking to see a minimum of three years experience in one of the building trades (home inspector, contractor, appraiser, etc). If you have changed careers but stayed inside the same industry, you need to show combined experience of three years or more. Additionally, your ability to be certified may also depend on the licensing requirements your particular state has for the industry you are describing as relevant experience.

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    Example 1--

    A licensed electrician with two years experience became a home inspector.
    He now has two years experience in that job. Based upon the combined
    experience in both the positions of electrician and home inspector, it is very
    likely that he will meet the experience qualification requirement. I say likely
    because the verification/certification process is conducted by the FHA
    regional field office personnel. The review process and determination can
    be subjective. As there is no recognized standard certification course or test,
    each field office judges candidates on a slightly different basis.

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    Example 2--
    A contractor seeking certification based on his experience as a general
    contractor in the state of Florida must have a Florida general contractor’s

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