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    Default Shopping for Insurance

    I'm looking for E&O Insurance and possibly General Liability as well that offers decent coverage and won't break the bank. I know this is probably an oxymoron, but I'm hopeful it is out there. What are you guys using? I'm in Maine.

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    Default Re: Shopping for Insurance

    Call my man below, he is great to work with. I've got another guy also here in Texas with Farmers if needed. I posted his link below also. Being in Maine, you'll have to see if he can help you or not.

    Wally Glaser
    International Placement Services,LC
    3870 South Lindbergh
    Suite 100
    St.Louis,MO 63127
    Telephone 314-725-8394 Ext.278
    Fax 314-725-4317
    Cell 314-761-8480

    Larry Battarbee
    Larry Battarbee - Palestine, TX - Farmers Insurance

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    Default Re: Shopping for Insurance

    Thanks Rick. I'll see if they do business in Maine.

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    Default Re: Shopping for Insurance

    I use Business Risk Partners (BRP). If you have passed the NHIE they will give you a discount.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Default Re: Shopping for Insurance

    I agree with Rick.
    I spoke with Wally Glaser yesterday. I'm starting my own HI business and I've spoke with four different insurance companies and Wally was the most helpful of all.
    He takes his time and is super helpful. And the premiums were better than the rest.
    Good luck.


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