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    Hi Everyone
    Thanks for letting me in. We run a small website for Home Improvement help. We help people how to get done certain things and tackle issues at home. With that we also suggest few products that might be useful for them and earn us tiny commission from that to keep creating content.

    However, while writing posts and help manuals we find it difficult to explain what actually should be done during certain emergent situations. With that in mind we decided to join related forums which help us muscle the mass to give better suggestions which actually work for everyone.

    Thanks for your time. If you want to see what kind of products we write about I am quoting some examples below:

    1- 9 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Of All Time
    2- Ring Nest Or Arlo ? Which Smart Doorbell Camera To Buy?
    3- How To Monitor Air Quality In Homes ? Best Smart Air Quality Monitors For Homes

    These are just random examples. We have mentioned user manuals etc which make things easier for others. However, it's still not enough. We might learn that through forums like inspection news etc.

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    If there is anything I can help you with please let me know.

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