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    Default Flir T420 overlay question

    Hi guys, many years ago I bought this camera from UI while taking level 1 training, roof-scan training and equine training, thinking I was going to make bucket loads of money (haha). So when that didn't happen, I decided to pull it out for a really quick scan during my regular home inspections, more so to cover my own ass. I've only charged an extra fee a handful of times. My question is how do I get rid of the [FOV 45 deg] overlay shown at bottom left of my image ?

    I've read a pdf instructional manual which mentions FOV but not how to turn it off from displaying. I contacted Flir tech support but they come back with programming my button to hide graphics, which works but it turns off all graphics. I still want the temp-scale to remain on screen.

    Anyone have any experience with this ?

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    Default Re: Flir T420 overlay question

    I have also the same question about it. My office had this camera too.


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