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  1. Bowed Truss Members
  2. How not to network.
  3. Why this individual OSB changed color?
  4. Roof Pitch Change
  5. What type of insulation is this
  6. Polystyrene Beads
  7. attic hatch door in garage
  8. Attic Insulation
  9. Insulation install oops!
  10. Attic venting
  11. Home Inspection with Mozart
  12. Attic Insulation. What kind is this?
  13. Attic stair insulation
  14. Fungi stains on trusses in attic.
  16. Attic Fire
  17. Why are soffits bricked up?
  18. Greenwood Cotton Insulation
  19. Dacotherm Insulation
  20. Take a look at these truss /rafter support
  21. What is this?
  22. Inspection Depot??
  23. White Powder in Attic
  24. Insulation Identification
  25. Double taped from meter
  26. Truss plates
  27. Impact of combining topside and ridge vents?
  28. Question On Cement Roof Tile Valley Construction
  29. GC doing home inspection
  30. Purlin missing
  31. Is this to code?
  32. Separation between garage and attic
  33. Hand Me Another Piece of Wood
  34. New Roof Framing from this Morning
  36. Vermiculite Insulation
  37. Suspected mold from cellulose insulation
  38. Attic rafter bay insulation
  39. Attic insulation around furnace flues
  40. Interesting New Stuff
  41. InspectIt HomePro New Sponsor to InspectionNews
  42. What material is it
  43. Attic Gable End Wall Has A Lot of Flex
  44. Unknown insulation
  45. Here is a really great way to get lots of air flow through those attic exhaust vents
  46. HITA free CE Nov 3rd
  47. What type of insulation?
  48. Exhaust hood?
  49. 38 Year Old Townhome Missing Firewall in Attic
  50. Insulation backing
  51. This house was on fire!
  52. New Construction: Raised end on roof
  53. Black spots on underside of roof
  54. How many point out voids in attic ceiling
  55. Water Damage or Mold, maybe both
  56. Separation wall for duplex
  57. Evidence of newer collar ties?
  58. Fire wall in a 1984 Condo/Townhouse
  59. Whats this insulation
  60. No access to garage attic
  61. No insulation needed between multi-family dwelling units?
  62. Roof Ventilation & Foam Insulation?
  63. frost and severe moisture in attic
  64. "Not your typical attic insulation"
  65. Cardboard Behind Knee Wall
  66. Does this look right to you?
  67. High attic humidity
  68. Stained Roof Decking In Attic
  69. no ceiling insulation-2006 home
  70. What type of insulation is this? 1930's house
  71. Snow in the attic
  72. is this kind of mold?
  73. Attic areas , garage vs living/condition space
  74. Please Help - Is This Asbestos Corrgeated HVAC Duct Properly Terminated/Connected
  75. Joining a company
  76. Plywood clips
  77. Fire Code Violation?
  78. Altered Bearing Wall
  79. Space Consideration when inspecting an attic
  80. Vermiculite in the Attic ?
  81. Is this just sap?
  82. Wall insulation
  83. Encapsulated batt insulation = reversed vapor retarder?
  84. Garage attic trusses
  85. Attic stain (or mold)
  86. Is this a serious issue?
  87. Cut rafters
  88. Smoke in Attic
  89. Hip framing using a horizontal 2x4
  90. Bracing support question
  91. Please help me Identify this item.
  92. Purlin-brace
  93. Missing gusset plates?
  94. How Far Would You Go???
  95. what kind if blown insulation is this
  96. Framing Questions
  97. Cut Truss - who can verify repairs?
  98. Duplex 1hr Separation Wall (Yes or No)
  99. What is this insulation?
  100. Ridge vent AND powered attic fan?
  101. Cellulose batt insulation
  102. Venting a shed roof ?
  103. Nice fire damage repair
  104. Len
  105. Purlin, no brace?
  106. Fell through the ceiling
  107. Attic Fan Vibration
  108. Could this be smoke remediation?
  109. Ice Dams and Mansard Roofs
  110. Insulation is Overrated
  111. I's did a good Job!!
  112. I'm guessing Lightning Strike?
  113. Does attic panel in garage ceiling need to be sealed?
  114. Attic Ventilation in Central Texas
  115. Gusset plate placement.
  116. Townhouse Fire separation.
  117. Abandoned skylight shaft in attic
  118. Modular roof system help needed
  119. Building Science Corp.
  120. New roof shows deflections/sagging
  121. Testing
  122. Weird spotting on roof sheathing
  123. What kind of attic insulation is this?
  124. attics forum is not showing the threads properly, and not showing the posts at all
  125. testing
  126. Large Antennae in Attic Space
  127. What is this stuff?
  128. Metal Collar Ties and Straps
  129. Proper attic ventilation in Florida
  130. HMMM, any idea what these are for?
  131. Bubbles on facing side of Rigid Insulation
  132. I Get Tired of Seeing This in New Houses
  133. Contraption attached to whole house fan
  134. Attic opening requirements question.....
  136. Truss End Fire Protection
  137. Attic Fire
  138. Gable vent between attic separation
  139. trusses and horizantal beams??
  140. Styrofoam Insulation ?
  141. Truss Bumps in Drywall.
  142. Does a metal roof on wood purlins require insualtion next to the metal.
  143. Insulation installation
  144. Shed framing tied into trusses.
  145. water your foundation
  146. What causes this?
  147. Missing ventilation?
  148. attic cracking sounds
  149. Soffit blocks
  150. Broken Truss
  151. Dow Styrofoam residential sheathing insulation used inside an attic
  152. Any thoughts on this attic access??
  153. What is this insulation in attic
  154. Fire separation between Townhouses.
  155. Is outdoor air vent required?
  156. 1890's Victorian Discoloration/Staining Roof Deck Planks
  157. New construction roof framing
  158. Introduction
  159. New Construction Truss Storage
  160. New Construction garage roof trusses
  161. Downdraft
  162. 220 outlet
  163. CSST bonded to black iron pipe
  164. Chimney built this way of shifted?
  165. Frost in Attic...again
  166. White Lightweigt Powdery Insulation?
  167. Taking out a wall....
  168. Take a look at these attic photos
  169. what is the white stuff on deck boards
  170. Roof Ventilators and Florida Hurricane Standards
  171. Rood Rafters are turning black in my attic in a odd way.
  172. Ridge vent in a mobile home
  173. Garage attic hatch question
  174. Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust
  175. Spray foam question
  176. Fireblocking and Combustion Air requirements
  177. Black spots in attic
  178. heater in shower
  179. plumbing pipe in stem wall
  180. Anyone know what this is ?
  181. Tamper resistent electrical outlets
  182. Trying to identify asbestos in a hurry!!
  183. Self closing door
  184. White powder on insulation in attic
  185. Straw breaks camels back.
  186. A/C Condenser Unit in Attic?
  187. New Construction framing
  188. Hawaii house with exterior black substance only at rafter venting bays
  189. Hawaii house?
  190. Flammable paper vapor barrier on the insulation should not be exposed question
  191. Wiring HVAC Thermostats
  192. New with Chimney Fireblocking
  193. Loose fill polystyrene/styrofoam as attic insulation
  194. No main disconnect in the service entrance panel - (not a split panel)
  196. Chicago - Attic Access
  197. Insulation Type ??
  198. High moisture in Attic — is it reverse stack effect?
  199. Insulating between the attic rafters ??
  200. Purlin (?) bracing/alternatives
  201. Seal it or Vent it?
  202. Sagging 2nd floor
  203. Cause of dark wood in attic?
  204. Attic access photos
  205. Increase Inspection Income By Recommending Whole House Fans and Solar Power
  207. Sharing some photos
  208. Ridge vent NOT installed.
  209. Inspection needed in Lumber Creek florida
  210. Crack over the garage
  211. Concrete patio crack and green discoloration in bath cabinet
  212. Take the Stress Out of Buying a Home with a Home Inspection
  213. Attic access ladder
  214. Article: Key Elements for Pre-Inspection Agreements
  215. Home Inspection Salt Lake
  216. Fire separation wall In attic
  217. What is Covered in a property Inspection?
  218. stained roof sheathin/planks
  219. Attic Venting WTF