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  1. Windows in a garage addition.
  2. Opinion on NYS Building Code Landing and Handrail Requirements
  3. Dissimilar Metals on seawall tieback rods
  4. Deck Support
  5. What are these veneer retrofit?
  6. patio door ground contact
  7. Sunroom support post / columns
  8. Rust spots on stucco (EIFS)
  9. membrane under window well gravel
  10. footing question
  11. 2 prong electrical outlets
  12. egress ladder
  13. Drilled and filled holes around perimeter of patio
  14. Did you look at the deck material?
  15. Guardrails required?
  16. Using wire for infill vs. cable in horizontal deck railing
  17. carport rafters and bearing wall relocation
  18. Step off and Away-you-go!
  19. Revisiting horizontal fill on guard rails - testing by the "4/50 guideline."
  20. new member
  21. Front Entry/Porch Concrete Slab
  22. Fire escape
  23. Fire protection in garage
  24. Residental Walks and Dranage
  25. No level area for the patio? No problem
  26. Unlabled Meter Bank
  27. 6,000 Hot Tub on Balcony
  28. Dry stacked block columns and bags of mortar as foundation.
  29. Expansion joint question
  30. EIFs
  31. Heavy corrosion at deck attachment points
  32. Another Barry Stone Article
  33. Garage Vehicle Door
  34. New concrete landing and steps for front entry (small section has reverse pitch)
  35. attaching to a manufactured home
  36. Suggestions on Patio Covers
  37. Need help identifying these stains.
  38. Home with deck over water (not troubled I hope!)
  39. 'Ceiling' under deck
  40. Lean / tilt of brick veneer
  41. unique garage door- safe?
  42. lagging deck to skirting on manufactured
  43. best basement window well Drainage construction
  44. No back door for egress
  45. Fence Gate Question
  46. French drain vs Storm Drain through bulkhead... Geotech needed?
  47. Railings 101
  48. Stair stringers for fire escape
  50. Never seen this before ?
  51. NO Deck lag screws or bolts ?
  52. cement block with unknown drain of filler neck
  53. Automatic gate death
  54. Corrosive action on gas flues in an attic
  55. Slight bow in the retaining wall
  56. Cracks in garage floor
  57. Non-permitted room
  58. How to startle your home inspector
  59. Certified Pre-owned
  60. How to post pic?
  61. Log Home
  62. HVAC Disconnect
  63. Getting rid of the old driveway - 3 easy steps
  64. steel stairs
  65. Railing on garage staircase
  66. Composite decking
  67. Landing at exterior door not centered around door
  68. Exterior steps handrails
  69. Do Stair rules apply on garage steps? Maybe, maybe not..
  70. Pull down attic access ladders in a garage.
  71. Flatwork Signage
  72. Fire protection for doorway and closet under FROG steps.
  73. fire resistant dumbwaiter
  74. testing out opening hinged garage doors
  75. Fire Egress
  76. Missing grippable handrail
  77. do you review plans when inspecting new homes?
  78. For Clarification
  79. Another exam question from the NHI Exam
  80. Distance from grade to plaster or screed on exterior of home in San Diego, CA
  81. Can somone tell me what this is ?
  82. Supply registers in attached garages.
  83. Post Splice
  84. Deck attachment
  85. Deck question.
  86. Efflorescence and thin cracks on concrete porch/deck
  87. Wind mitigation ?
  88. stairway or landing discussion
  89. Rusted flashing
  90. Steel pilie foundation Rust - How Bad is It
  91. Deck/Ice Skating Rink
  92. Drainiage plane for suspended masonry patio
  93. Identify this item?
  94. Condo building with commercial garage door- electric eye placement
  95. New deck question
  96. When does a repair/remodel require an electrical panel to be brought up to code?
  97. House HVAC system also supplies workshop off garage?
  98. Is bug screen acceptable for deck railing
  99. How is this deck ledger attached?
  100. Please ID
  101. Cracks in Stucco
  102. Gap between weep screed and stem wall
  103. handrail requirement for wide stairway
  104. Guard openings
  105. Moisture in stem wall slab foundation
  106. Another Collapsed Deck
  107. Why is this here
  108. Unfamiliar insulation
  109. Stair Railing Requirements
  110. Article: To test or not to test? Examining the garage door pressure test | Part 1
  111. Article: To test or not to test? Examining the garage door pressure test | Part 2
  113. Fiber cement siding - cracks and large gaps
  114. What is hiding behind those exterior walls
  115. Hand dug basement
  116. Porch with vinyl windows vs glass windows
  117. What kind of stucco is this ?
  118. Inferior deck construction
  119. Small porch support(s)
  120. Garage Door Electric Eye
  121. Double Bolted Support Post