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  1. New member
  2. insulating and dropping bonus room ceiling from 13' to 9' over living space
  3. Bathroom fan ducting question
  4. Proper Water Heater Strapping in CA
  5. Deck Steps to Grass Landing ? See Pics
  6. Kerosene and fuel oil tanks
  7. Buying French Doors - not sure which brand
  8. Gap at bottom of new door
  9. New Homeowner - Need A/C drain advice!
  10. Code for Lintel length?
  11. Firewall,
  12. Need help understanding inspector notes on panel/meter ground
  13. Bathroom Entry Door - Min Opening
  14. gulping noice in bathroom sink when ac is on
  15. Installing Bathtub in place of shower -Slab
  16. Seeking CT Home Inspector
  17. AC or MC usage
  18. security door types" comparison
  19. Crack in Brick Exterior Wall - 1950's Duplex
  20. bees/wasps eating through ceiling
  21. Oil tank in garage, lines under rear lawn to house 50 feet away
  22. Sump Pump
  23. Is this Patio Cover built correctly? Rafters Tied to fascia Boards -
  24. pex insulation
  25. Ridge Vent installation on a hip roof
  26. ledger board
  27. Dryer venting
  28. Outdoor fireplace cracking within a week it was built
  29. Cracking Stucco
  30. Different way to mount ledger board
  31. oven with exhaust under the flooring
  32. Nails for Roof Sheathing
  33. Is this Cemwood?
  34. Stucco Stain
  35. Oil Tank/Line Issue (longish -- sorry!)
  36. Crisscrossed electric in Duplex
  37. Multimple terminations at Chimney
  38. Fireplace key shut off location
  39. Is this siding above the window installed correctly?1
  40. Equipment Access in Crawl
  41. basement egress
  42. Sewer Smell From Sump Pit
  43. Shower tub drain
  44. Starting Out...
  45. opinions on this HVAC coil appearance?
  46. Bathroom spackling and ventilation
  47. Want to Bid on a Foreclosure but the Roof slopes. major Issue?
  48. Need AC Heat Inspector
  49. Knee wall construction
  50. high voltage drop under load
  51. Concerns about horizontal crack/line spanning width of wall
  52. How can I tell if I have IC Rated lights
  53. strange looking insulation
  54. Is lintel or header or both sagging?
  55. Hot water pipe insulation - asbestos?
  56. Vertical crack concerns?
  57. has anyone seen this?
  58. ceiling joist span
  59. Inspector problems and no E and O insurance
  60. 1960's main electrical box with circuit breaker and fuses
  61. Inspection showed tile floor cracks
  62. 40 year old house settling too much?
  63. Furnace vent requirements
  64. (another) vapor barrier in bathroom question
  65. Cracks on the roofing board
  66. Furnace Exhaust Pipe Question
  67. NEC year requiring GFCI for whirlpool
  68. New gutters and drip edge issues
  69. Clearance from electrical mast to chimney
  70. any quality issues with stucco and stone being doen in winter (Toronto)?
  71. pig tails in main panel
  72. generator to transfer switch to sub panel
  73. Circuit breaker trips intermittently; causes?
  74. double tap for A/C
  75. Attic Build Out Chicago Secondary Egress
  76. Ridge Vent Placement
  77. extending neutral bus
  78. HVAC/water heater combustion air
  80. FHA Appraiser Wants HUD Inspection
  81. Cut through Joist Repair
  82. Missing supporting post in crawl space
  83. Finding a Roofing Inspector in Atlanta GA
  84. kitchen cooktop island- elec outlet placement- Florida
  85. Oak tree next to house
  86. oil furnace
  87. Flashing/Counter-flashing with Board-Batten siding
  88. Running a wire through a panel
  89. Firestop requirement Texas
  90. CSST
  91. Covered porch floor
  92. furnace fan
  93. Concrete floor slab, above basement.
  94. Proper Drain for Condensate Pump Discharge
  95. Moving heat duct between joist to over I-beam
  96. vapor barrier
  97. how did this happen...?
  98. HVAC unit and WH in garage
  99. Type B Vents
  100. Atlanta area good inspector
  101. Furnace and Water Heater spacing
  102. supply lines in attic space ?
  103. What is growing down from my basement ceiling?
  104. Flex pipe from gas line
  105. What is the reasoning behind this
  106. Foundation - should I be worried
  107. block foundation leak
  108. The end of steel I beam doesn't rest on the concrete foundation
  109. Inspection after pouring slab
  110. Should I vent my crawlspace?
  111. Question on water heater PVC discharge pipe
  112. Weep holes filled in - should I "unfill" them?
  113. White powder from heater vents
  114. Need Help Identifying Device in Bathroom
  115. insulation without stone wall being built
  116. Water heater back draft
  117. Room Addition Problem - Wall 5" Off due to I-beam mis-located
  118. Basement Subpanel Grounding Question
  119. Panel Double Tapped ground
  120. Flashing between new trim band and brick?
  121. Gaps at the transition between stone veneer and siding
  122. Hair Line Crack in a block wall
  123. 4x7 Kitchen Island, questions regarding code in Phoenix AZ
  124. New HVAC Ductwork
  125. Rinnai Tankless Vent Question
  126. conrad
  127. Rafter separation - should we walk?
  128. Should Seller have an inspection?
  129. Outlet behind Fireplace (Alberta)
  130. Ghosting or mold - not sure
  131. Inspector said this roof is shot, what do you think??
  132. Meter Protection Question
  133. CSST through inaccessable crawlspace
  134. WHat separates my townhouse from the next?
  135. furnace/water heater venting together
  136. Room Without a Window
  137. Floor Gap
  138. Cracks in stucco trim
  139. Flame Roll-Out
  140. Should I buy a house with horizontal crack in basement
  141. Water in crawl space. Hiring Home Inspector for advice?
  142. Question about electrical wiring, etc.
  143. Video: Good deal or major problems?
  144. Sagging Catheral Ceiling Rafter replacement and insulation
  145. Pictures: Scale of 1 to 10 what's your gut reaction?
  146. Primary disconnect
  147. Diagonal crack in dry-wall - Question
  148. central electric furnace
  149. Unreasonable inspector - temporary guards
  150. Furnace install
  152. Concrete Cracks and Releveling - mudjacking vs repour
  153. Locating Weep Holes and Moisture Barrier
  154. Water damage?
  155. Is it a foundation issue?
  156. Soot in new fireplace
  157. thermostat
  158. AC ducts run on the exterior of new home
  159. Leaking radiator pipe
  160. Furnace room entry from bed room/bath
  161. Floor Opening for Basement Stairs Done Wrong
  162. Breaking thru slab to fix piping
  164. DIY return air.
  165. Looking for Plumbing Referrals
  166. recurring leaks in under-sink drain plumbing
  167. Moving circuit breakers in the panel box
  168. OK to install outdoor speakers onto stucco wall?
  169. ungrounded and inadequate - home shopping
  170. brick veneer crack
  171. New home hairline foundation leak
  172. Bath fan venting and Dryer venting
  173. Oven clearance to a fixed kitchen island
  174. Stucco causing leaky window?
  175. Removing mold from the back of drywall
  176. Chimney Minimum Height - Fireplace Gas insert
  177. Wet Base of Brick Veneer Wall
  178. Clothes Dryer Hose issue
  179. Chicago two-flat with illegal (?) finished basement suite?
  180. Outlet spacing along glass wall?
  181. Front of house bowing
  182. Growth on Cinder Block Wall
  183. Duct-Free Mini Split Reviews
  184. Cracks in Townhouse Garage Slab
  185. Wet crawlspace fix
  186. Lintel deflection above garage door on new home
  187. Metal vs Plastic outlet boxes for a bathroom.
  188. What's better: Hardiplank panels or Craneboard siding?
  189. White substance coming from concrete?
  190. Dual Water Heaters
  191. No venting hood above electric cooktop
  192. Well/Pump Wire Replacement
  193. single-gang single-circuit transfer switch for emergency furnace power
  194. Concrete floor deterioration?
  195. Horizontal Crack in Basement Wall
  196. How to Keep Your Basement Dry During Rapid Snow Melt
  197. Facia board
  198. Which Contractor should I hire to find source of moisture in slab?
  199. Home buyer - Question about possible stucco and leaking
  200. Cracked wall
  201. Questions on Electrician's warnings
  202. slab-on-grade floor was sunk
  203. HVAC WH in 'closet' with tightly fitting door
  204. Can anyone identify this furnace?
  205. Decking
  206. HVAC inducer motor gone ....I think....Help....
  207. looking at a house with a flat roof... what do I need to know?
  208. AC Condensate Line Blowing Cold Air Through Sink?
  209. Sump pump crock and shelves
  210. Garage floor painting/ecthing
  211. age of Old Rheem Gas Furnace
  212. substructure mold
  213. Gable Lean and Vaulting
  214. Cracks in Bricks- need help to find an inspector in my area
  215. 2nd floor condo potential water damage
  216. Drainage Problem
  217. Bellingham, WA Home Inspection
  218. Standing Water Between the Weeps in Window Trough
  219. Inspector did not note significant crack in brick veneer. What to do?
  220. Attaching a Header to Posts when adding a floor
  221. Requirements for masonry chimney attic fire block
  222. Cracks in a Garage slab
  223. splicing two hard pipe gas lines with flex line
  224. can you splice two hard pipe gas lines using a flex line?
  225. My floor joists are bowing
  226. Foundation Problem
  227. Should we walk away from this stucco home?
  228. Need Help Identifying Ceiling Tiles
  229. reverse polarity in 90yr. old house
  230. Condo,HVAC not isolated from other unit(s)/This can't be legal, can it
  231. Rerouting Dryer vent from roof to outside wall
  232. Supporting joists from below
  233. Ceiling mounted devices, not smoke detectors
  234. Is an air intake gap above the fascia board allowed under current code
  235. diagonal drywall crack beside window, turn out to be covering an even older crack.
  236. Checking the house fuel oil tank whistle by blowing air in the Fill Pipe
  237. Broken sump injection pump causing an incredibly strong sewage gas smell from garage?
  238. Mortgage Co wants to send unlicensed Inspector for insurance progress ? Illegal ?
  239. Patio roof/pergola - Can you let me know what else I can do to fix this?
  240. Mold or something else?
  241. The difference between staining and mold on plywood
  242. Sheathing thickness - measure twice, cut once
  243. Screen in porch floor - to keep 2 layers orr not
  244. liberty sbs self-adhering roofing system
  245. 11 easy tips to help home buyers through the buying process
  246. Question regarding new service panel off of flush mounted main panel
  247. Question about crack in exterior break wall.
  248. Introduction...and a window issue
  249. Question about molded floor joists
  250. Did not follow the proper steps to get a permit, what to do next?