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  1. running ROMEX® cable next to a chimney
  2. High Efficiency Furnace Combustion intake from inside or outside?
  3. weep holes
  4. Looking for CFL Wireless Switch Solution.
  5. 4" exhaust pipe
  6. Repair Large Cracks in Concrete
  7. mold question
  8. Mold Inspector tresspassing and test validity
  9. Chiney Liner Galvanized Pipe
  10. external vent on 85% efficiency furnace
  11. Cracks in the walls
  12. Irrigation System Pipes
  13. Selling our home: inspection is sunday
  14. Insert Copper Pipe (Water main) into a PVC Pipe?
  15. Snow Melting Equip on AFCI Breakers
  16. French Drain Requirements
  17. Shower ceiling clearances
  18. Our builder says a garage door will not pass inspection???
  19. Our builder says a garage door will not pass inspection???
  20. Mold Problem
  21. Insulating Brick Veneer Homes (with 2"x4" wood framing)
  22. Post Questions From Home Owners, Buyers or DIYers In This Section
  23. bathroom and range hood vent duct penetration?
  24. Support of Chimney
  25. Insulation Roof Deck Clearance
  26. lighting in crawl space
  27. Install Irrigation Pipes Under Drainage Swales?
  28. Freeze protection - crawl space drains and traps
  29. Mr. HandyMan strikes again
  30. Appropriate IR Camera for my Situation
  31. Stair tread width, interior freestanding stairway
  32. Oil Furnace Question
  33. Need help with wall to roof leak
  34. Sleeping room requirements
  35. Maximum elbows allowed
  36. city of Chicago - basement rental unit
  37. Is this mold? Pregnant renter with small child
  38. Roof ply is turning black
  39. old fridge in garage and existing gfci
  40. My Plumber cut thru top plate
  41. Home Inspection (Foreclosure)
  42. chimney
  43. Roofing
  44. Gable roof sheathing
  45. Home Inspections
  46. Metal Stud Framing/ Wood Burning FP Flu
  47. gas logs
  48. What kind of siding is this
  49. Water heater noises
  50. Sunroom on golf course Which windows
  51. Fraser Johnston Heat pump wiring diagram
  52. snow in attic
  53. No response, am I in the wrong place?
  54. Type of smoke detectors
  55. Designing here. Code for Minimum Garage ceiling height?
  56. heigth of a new 200amp service panel
  57. Frozen pipes lead to Eureka! discovery
  58. Bowed wall in slab home - question
  59. Dripping water pressure regulator
  60. Frozen pipes -- just a matter of time?
  61. Is this an early sign of delamination?
  62. Water Heater emergency - am out of town...
  63. Question about stair rise and run
  64. 220 Electrical run in dead space between shower and tub (with plumbing/soil stack)
  65. roof woes
  66. code or not code
  67. Replacement Shed, told to move it!?
  68. 1995 Construction - Builder complaints ignored
  69. HVAC Design
  70. My new dryer vent run
  71. Receptacle Spacing (Electrical)
  72. Foundation Crack Question
  73. GFCI Problem
  74. Air Gap for dishwasher required?
  75. Hot Tub Inspectors?
  76. need to repair a leaning brick wall
  77. Exterior Stair Handrail in Lake Worth, FL
  78. Question Regarding Code
  79. Code interpretation
  80. Is This Roof Done Properly???
  81. Section 8 Water Heater Code Interpretation
  82. Bizzarre roof construction found during inspection
  83. Roof drainage - to where?
  84. water heaters
  85. Boston, MA requirements for residential fire-rated doors?
  86. Gas Built in Ovens
  87. Attic / crawl space ventilation in extreme fire hazard area
  88. How do I address interpretation of NEC 680.73 with Building Official
  89. Water Heater and/or AC Condensate pans
  90. OK, Why do I need soffit venting?
  91. Mold in HVAC ducts
  92. CA Electric Code for Kitchen Island
  93. Rotten edge joist repair.
  94. Grounding Water Pipe Question
  95. Truss nailing - truss integrity
  96. 100 or 200 amp pannel??
  97. What should be expected?
  98. Filterless HVAC units??
  99. Missing Attic Isulation in Texas
  100. Electrical panel replacing
  101. Input on installing discharge line for TPR in Los Angeles
  102. retired safety engineer (ETL)
  103. would stove
  104. Smell from Crawlspace
  105. Hardiplank Siding - Corners Cracking - Fact Finding
  106. mold on wooden open beam ceiling
  107. How to locate grounding electrode system
  108. Aluminum Armor & Romex Question.
  109. Picing in new concrete to old
  110. Shim between Girder and Floor Truss okay?
  111. New Deck Installation Issues
  112. Are these shims legit?
  113. Stairs Dimensions Help
  114. Wiring touching HW copper nipples
  115. water under shower floor
  116. Large amount of white substance in crawl space
  117. Attic Insulation vs. Termite Inspection Accessibility
  118. osb Sheathing w/ 3/4" rigid insulation over 1x6 planks
  119. Siting of neighbours boiler vent
  120. Concrete & Stud wall
  121. Bowed Brickwork in 100+ yr Home
  122. Protection from Vehicle Damgage
  123. Josit fire damage, floor sinking
  124. Stair step crack in the brick veneer
  125. Kitchen water pipes over electric panel
  126. Bollard Placement for Water Heater Protection
  127. Must you get a permit to redisign run on your stairwell
  128. Pre-drywall meeting questions
  129. Why unrelated circuit breakers poping -lightening?
  130. First home may have stone veneer: specialist inspector required?
  131. Worried
  132. Options for plaster walls - insulation, electrical, plumbing
  133. Garage at grade....
  134. Notch in i-joist blocking?
  135. Sister I-Joist Installation
  136. Damp wall
  137. Earthquake Brace as Primary Foundation?
  138. "Architectural" Roof Truss?
  139. Structural Question - Interior Wall Touching Garage Floor Grade
  140. venting my clothes dryer directly to an open walkway
  141. Fascia Rot and Chimney Efflorescence
  142. GFCI tripping
  143. 1900 cottage with NO foundation - a risk??
  144. Architectural Shingle Valley
  145. GOODMAN Air Conditioner
  146. roof ventilation
  147. LP siding
  148. Cat cage
  149. Trades
  150. calculating roof ventilation area
  151. Are Joist Splice Plates An Acceptable Fix In Fl
  152. stairs and handrail codes
  153. AC is not cooling
  154. Outside Stairway/Handrail/Deck
  155. Need advice on New Ac and heating unit
  156. Furnace age
  157. No OSB next to siding in attic area
  158. dormer in balloon frame structrure?
  159. meeter base ground wire
  160. Code book
  161. South Carolina Max Stair Rise
  162. Garage Side Entrance Door Access Problem
  163. Urgent Help Needed for Garage Side Entrance Door Access Problem
  164. Chimney Leak?
  165. Chimney Leak?
  166. My family is a sweaty mess and someone somewhere is too blame..right?
  167. building a one hour fire separation wall
  168. Attic access in attached garage
  169. Attic Ventilation
  170. Discoloration of basement floor joists
  171. AC Code Questions
  172. excavating next to footings
  173. Sub Panel Grounding
  174. Septic Question
  175. on central A/C ductwork ,
  176. on central A/C ductwork ,
  177. on central A/C ductwork ,
  178. 2nd floor condo, concrete subfloor. measuring for flat and repair cracks
  179. Renovation nighmare
  180. a/c unit mounting ?
  181. Iinquire Standard Code For House Electric Outlet
  182. Dryer vent in crawl space
  183. Insulation/Drywall before Brick/Siding
  184. Sunken Closet and stairs leading to it
  185. New iPad HReome Inspection Software App
  186. Inspector found cracking in tile along bathroom floor - what is typical recourse?
  187. Vinyl Floor turning RED in areas
  189. Gap bet. jamb and stud in interior doors
  190. Water in Basement
  191. HP036X1021A wiring schematic needed
  192. metal or composition
  193. Hello!
  194. Uncut post tension tendon & settling nearby.
  196. AC/Heat vent necessary in bathroom?
  197. Replacing animal damaged subfloor, waste pipe run between joists
  198. Need a Frasier Johnston Air wiring diagram
  199. Wiring my whole house with 12awg?
  200. Wind mitigation nightmare.
  201. Does the code allow this subpanel connection?
  202. Crack on bricks above garage door
  203. Help
  204. New kitchen circuits
  205. Shingle placement on drip edge issue.
  206. Shingle placement on drip edge issue.
  207. Shingle placement on drip edge issue
  208. Drip edge workmanship issue.
  209. plumber recommendation?
  210. Question on water leaking into windows on new construction
  211. Siding Over Masonry Chimney with Insert
  212. Wedge Crack Repair
  213. Ken Jahn
  214. furnace vent prblem
  215. trane 20i air conditioners problems!!
  216. flashing, weep holes, rotting floors, Am I right?
  217. can i convert my chimney to use wood heat?
  218. Crack on drywall or beam?
  219. HVAC condensate drain not draining
  220. Can I wire a light fixture to 12awg?
  221. water/ sewer codes for North Carolina
  222. Appearance of exhaust fumes
  223. Crawlspace Sealing, Dehumidifier requirements
  224. Lifting Airhandler/Gas Heater in Crawlspace
  225. concrete block separation. problem or not?
  226. water/sewer codes for N.C. (revised)
  227. Post-tension foundation issues
  228. Strange Dust Collection
  229. Bathroom floor joist cut
  230. 120V 30 Amp outlet converted to 220V
  231. Garage 120/240v outlets
  232. Concrete encased electrode in slab on grade question
  233. Light on a ladder ???
  234. Gas fire pit
  235. Water heater duct & attic insulating
  236. Buying condo in a building exposed for several years
  237. How would you support this roof and ceiling?
  238. Water Heater venting
  239. Garage Pad Foundation Washout
  240. Getting the run around from AC replacement
  241. Intertherm gas furnace won't start.
  242. New Mexico plumbing
  243. Baseboard Heater, Near Outlets
  244. New Home buyer - Wall question
  245. Furnace Vent
  246. Steel Plates on Support Beams - Need Advice
  247. Plumbing question(PVC/CPVC).
  248. Fire wall between living space and barn
  249. Howling Wind Noise
  250. Missed Plumbing Leak in Old Home