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  1. Two flues, one fireplace
  2. Is there enough rise?
  3. Foam on the Flue
  4. second floor smoke issue
  5. Chimney Height
  6. Flex line in firebox
  7. Fireplace combustion air from attic?
  8. Pre-fabricated ventless fireplaces
  9. Can you ID this piping?
  10. Damper Control
  11. Vent for gas fireplace
  12. Fireblocking material
  13. 2 vents on the side of chimney
  14. Hearth support
  15. Looking for the name of this component
  16. Wood cookstove installation
  17. Wood stoves
  18. Fire by ashes
  19. Educational Oppertunity
  20. Return air too close?
  21. Dale Feb's Fire inspectors course
  22. Missing fireglocking the cause?
  23. creosote in attic
  24. Stone fireplace construction
  25. Gas fireplace vent termination
  26. Direct Vent Flue Clearance
  27. Prize winning chimney "cap"
  28. Today's Fireplace
  29. Chimney screened cap with capped liner below
  30. Bob, can you tell me what this part is called?
  31. Firestop spacing
  32. No flue for the fireplace
  33. One for Bob's wall of shame...
  34. Is this a problem?
  35. Wood burning chimney liner
  36. Underside of the chase cap
  37. Flex gas line running up through ash pit.
  38. Check this wood-burning fireplace for me
  39. Terminations
  40. Gas supply lines for gas log fireplace
  41. direct vent fireplace
  42. unusual find
  43. 2 10 rule
  44. Gas Furnace combustion air intake
  45. Air gap in chimney exterior wall ?
  46. Direct vent chimney shroud
  47. Gap in fire stop
  48. Height of Type B Vent on Roof
  49. Mantel projection
  50. 3-2-10 rule revisited
  51. Opinion please
  52. Storm collars and fireplace flues, with mastic
  53. Direct Vent Clearance
  54. Trac pipe by Omega Flex
  55. Gas fireplace vent
  56. Can this flue be used with a wood stove?
  57. I'm Sleepy
  58. Wood stove clearance to ceiling
  59. Open flue
  60. Old chimney new clearance.
  61. Vent Connectors, male up or male down
  62. Boiler vent through foundation wall
  63. fireplace
  64. Rusting chimney
  65. CSST though knock out
  66. Regular & Chimney Top Damper
  67. Gas log vent in contact with insulation.
  68. Gap between firebox and flue
  69. *Bob H - clearance question
  70. Main beam extends into chimey
  71. Flue
  72. Stove exhaust vent at bedroom window
  73. Chimney Structure in Crawl Space
  74. Flue connections
  75. What was he thinking
  76. clean out doors rusted off
  77. Masonry Chimney Height
  78. Proper way to measure Hearth Extenstion
  79. Gas log set in bedroom
  80. Painted Fire Box
  81. Out of Place Fireplace Brick
  82. Gas line to new metal fireplace
  83. Underground flue pipe
  84. Wood Stove Metalbestos goes through the bedroom
  85. What a great idea
  86. Anyone know the code for unlined chimney?
  87. Multiple PVC Flues Ganged together
  88. Chimney clearance from adjacent building
  89. Diagrams re Lindemann Chimney Discussion
  90. conduit in masonry chimney
  91. burn on top of fireplace vent
  92. Sweet install..
  93. Three hole brick
  94. Zero Clearance
  95. Offset / starter collar
  96. Another award-winning Philly chimney
  97. Exposed flue
  98. Gas fireplace flue (chase) clearance above roof
  99. At least it's not a beer bottle...
  100. Fireplace liner bottom termination
  101. moist black stuff at base of chimney
  102. backdrafting caused by exterior chimneys
  103. Gas Log Valve Clearance
  104. Architect Arrested In Connection With Los Angeles LODD
  105. Fireplace Chimney
  106. stucco foam clearance at fireplace direct vent
  107. Easy Clean Drain
  108. Masonry fireplace hearth to Combustible requirements
  109. Expansion foam in heatilator grills
  110. Flue Mortar
  111. chimney clearance from house
  112. Flue as navigational obstruction.
  113. wood stove chimneys vs. others
  114. BBQ
  115. How to determine flue pipe size?
  116. How to determine flue pipe size?
  117. Combustion air for gas appliances in the home
  118. Chimney flashing
  119. I can't see
  120. chimney discoloration - leakage?
  121. Furnace, dryer and gas water heater
  122. Vent clearance to roof
  123. Flue pipe under grade, is it allowed?
  124. Is this ok?
  125. Another "fine" Philly chimney top
  126. Woodstove has sliding door?
  127. Direct Vent under opening window
  128. moisture on fireplace window
  129. newmac serial -date...
  130. Copper feed tube..Is this OK?
  131. Saddle advice, Rain caps.
  132. Gas shut off valve location
  133. Propane fireplace
  134. Functional damper.
  135. Flexpipe outside
  136. New metal flue liner
  137. Coal in crawl space
  138. I Think It's Loose
  139. Shared chimney flue
  140. Gas valve shut off
  141. rain dripping into fireplace vent
  142. Sharing a flue... oil, wood..
  143. Fireplace Snafu
  144. Deteriorated Liners
  145. Got Another One
  146. gas fireplace flue
  147. Oil Lincoln Furnace age?
  148. Chimney build - anyone have a problem with this?
  149. OOOOPSIE!!
  150. Help, please! Dangerous wood stove/HVAC DIY!!
  151. Electricity for Wood Stove Fan Blower
  152. Receptacle behind the stove
  153. flue overlap incorrect
  154. Chimney connection question
  155. CSST through brick wall
  156. gas fireplace not lighting properly
  157. Carbon monoxide detector required or not?
  158. Chase ventilation
  159. Opinions on the construction of this Outdoor Fireplace
  160. Moisture Exhaust Ducts??
  161. Gas stove insert clearance to mantle
  162. Hot mantle
  163. booster fan
  164. Chimney attachment in attic
  165. Height of Oil-Fired Furnace Flue Pipe
  166. Cracks in chimney
  167. Chimney cap required?
  168. Clip on fireplace damper
  169. NH Bill to have wood stoves removed
  170. No rain cap
  171. So you think your chimney leans.
  172. Warm glass
  173. white substance
  174. gap between firebox / lintel
  175. looking for a manual for a Majestic Thulman Model L-36R
  176. Fireplace / Firetrap
  177. Outside air intake for fireplace in now inside home
  178. Vent Hood Termination for Heat n Glo Gas Fireplace
  179. boiler flue pipe
  180. Another Unusable Fireplace
  181. Large gap in smoke chamber?
  182. Level II Chimney Inspection Cost
  183. gas fp smoky glass
  184. Help with chimney code.
  185. Oil to gas conversion and the chimney liner
  186. Gas Fireplace Vent Hood - options when building deck over top
  187. Gas Cooktop Venting
  188. Propane tank placement
  189. Marco Manuel
  190. Insulated Chimney from wood stove
  191. usable/unusable chimney?
  192. Make it Fit
  193. Gas fireplace beside bathtub???
  194. Superior BR-42-2 Fireplace
  195. Steelform smoke chamber to liner connection
  196. Fireplace Cleanouts - Donley Brothers - Ideas?
  197. Siding over New Masonry Chimney
  198. High Efficiency Furnace and Tankless WH Vent and Combustion Air in Chimney
  199. Masonry Chimney used only for furnace and water heater
  200. Gas pipe through firebox
  201. Gas Pipe behind Wood Stove
  202. Fireplace with Shared B Vent
  203. Smallest propane supply ever. Is that OK
  204. Clearance to deck
  205. passed city inspection
  206. Alternative firebox base materials
  207. What's going on here?
  208. Cultured stone fireplace clearance to fire box
  209. Debris At Cleanout of Relined Chimney
  210. Sleeved Flue
  211. gas fireplaces in large baths
  212. Aluminum Chimney Liner in Former Oil Flue
  213. Firebox support is plywood
  214. Creosote build up!
  215. Shared Chimney Chase Open In Attic
  216. Marco Factory built Question
  217. Chimney relining for gas
  218. Which mantel clearance must used with this unvented firebox and log set?
  219. PVC VENTS?
  220. How much is too much?
  221. 3 ft from where?
  222. Chimney height 15 '
  223. Black Stain
  224. Convecto-Pane Plus
  225. Flex gas line connection
  226. 4 gas appliances in one masonry chimney
  227. Outdoor wood burning FP with B-vert liner but no cap
  228. Attic: Fireblock around chimney?
  229. Venting a dryer to chimney
  230. Very inovative spark arrester and rain cap solution.
  231. Identifying AC Unit
  232. Direct vent under a window....
  233. Think I'll Be Disclaiming This
  234. Bill Hubric, Discovery Home Inspections, LLC.
  235. Masonry chimney wrap
  236. Hearth extension
  237. two vents one gas fireplace?
  238. fireplace chimney clearance
  239. Flue gaps at cap
  240. Voids within the chimney
  241. Gas Key Covered
  242. Fireplace HE
  243. older gas insert in 1920 fireplace
  244. Immediate Assistance Required
  245. Holiday Cartoon
  246. Hearth extension code?
  247. First Post
  248. Pre-fab fireplace fire
  249. New type of direct vent fireplace!!
  250. The agent blew the front off this box today